Frequently Asked Questions

How is the furniture finished?

All of our furniture is oiled with a clear coat. This allows the natural beauty of the wood to shine through and ensures years of maintenance-free enjoyment.

How is it cleaned?

It all cleans up nicely with a damp cloth.

Can you move the beds once they are set up?

We have developed a unique joint system that allows our beds to be dismantled, moved and re-assembled many times. Yet the joints still remain tight.

Will the legs scratch floors?

No, all legs have a felt pad attached, to ensure that your floors are protected.

Is all the wood solid? Do you use particle board for shelves or drawers?

All of our quality log furniture is built from solid, furniture-grade wood. We never use particle board.

Will the wood crack over time?

We use dead standing trees and they have already "checked". It's a natural process that adds character and makes each piece unique. There should be no further cracks and in any event, it would not affect the strength or durability of the furniture.

Does Woodeye supply bedding or cushions?

No. We don't manufacture bedding or cushions.

More Questions?

We'd be happy to help: just send us an email.

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